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The Spa at Aestique Holiday Gift Guide

Do you want to give the gift of healthy skin for 2021?

Holiday Specials! 12 Days of Christmas coming soon. December 8th starts the countdown
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Kick-off the Holidays with Aestique

Botox Cosmetic Day 2020

Make your holidays the happiest with the biggest savings of the year! Client favorites are back, including the best-selling gift cards special for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and National Botox Day!
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Hello October

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October takes the cake for the best of fall for several reasons; we have Halloween, pumpkin treats, football and beautiful weather. Most importantly, it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this month you can rejuvenate for a good cause at the medispa!
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September Newsletter

Self-Improvement Month

September welcomes autumn and all the deliciousness that comes with it. Reward yourself for a job well done during Self-Improvement Month with a Spa Treatment. Don’t ignore your skin, body, mental state or lifestyle. Stop in the Spa and pamper yourself today!
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What you need to Know about Microneedling

The Treatment to Whip your Skin Back Into Shape

This time of the year we normally take a break, go on a trip, relax and recharge. Although things are different now, it should not stop us from staying healthy and relaxing at home. Of course, The Spa at Aestique is always here for YOU. Enjoy every moment with the perfect specials to recharge your productivity, boost confidence and calm nerves.
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Hello July

Skin Care Awareness on UV Safety Month

We’re turning up the heat this month as summer is in full swing. It’s time to jump in the pool, play in the waves, and have some fun. July is also UV Safety Month. Remember to keep your skin safe with sunscreen to protect you from the sun.
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Celebrate Dad With Us!

A Day At The Spa: Even Dad likes to unwind and relax

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your father, grandfather, husband, or brother what a wonderful person you think he is! Spending time with family is surely at the top of his wish list. Check out these great gift ideas that Dad will absolutely appreciate!
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5 Steps to Developing Great Habits at Home

In this Month: Practicing Social Distancing and Mother’s Day

As we are currently at home and practicing Social Distancing, we suddenly find ourselves with a new schedule, new habits, new work environment, access to kitchen very quickly and at any time. We are all of sudden forming new habits.
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DIY Skincare Trends & The Coronavirus

In this Month: Top 9 DIY Trends

In this current state, there’s not a person whose life hasn’t been influenced by the current health concern. We are in uncharted territory here as we try to stay healthy and take care of our families.
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Sun, Sun, Sun: Here It Comes

Tips to a relaxing and inspirational spring transition!

March is here and, let’s be real: before you know it, we’ll be smack-dab in the middle of summer. Now is the time to formulate a head-to-toe plan to be ready for longer days and stronger rays. We trust you already have a sunblock that you use every day, rain or shine. If not, stop by.
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Love Your Reflection with Injectable Treatments this Valentine’s Day

In this month: Facials that make you feel beautiful

Chocolate and roses are great gifts for Valentine’s Day, but let’s be real. A more youthful appearance is what you really want. So, what’s the best way to get it? Check out two of the most popular treatments to give you a great appearance.
Dermal Fillers
Dermal fillers are sort of like the cure-all for fine lines and wrinkles. They are perfect for smoothing the skin and improving elasticity as well as giving you that full pouty look for your lips. Get that perfect pout before Valentine’s Day! Fillers will improve the appearance of the forehead, cheek, chin and much more. If you have a few trouble spots, we have a filler that will address your concerns.
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New Year … New Skin

Take the ZO skin care challenge!

It’s a new year and time for uncovering new skin…Take the ZO skin care challenge! Let us show you how a basic medical grade skin care regimen can transform your skin in 60 days. Come in and purchase a ZO Getting Skin Ready Kit. These kits include a cleanser, a toner and an exfoliator…
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Top 3 Medi Spa Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Refreshing gifts: Microneedling, Botox and more!

The holiday season is in full swing and it’s time again to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Feeling stumped? Here at the medi spa, we have refreshing gifts that can provide transformation and confidence well beyond Christmas Day. We’ve listed the top 3 gifts below, chosen by clients we love!

1. Microneedling

Improve skin texture, reduce pores, minimize fine lines, reduce blackheads; the list goes on. Is there anything microneedling can’t do? It’s a client favorite over here and for good reason! Restore youth and improve your skin’s appearance immediately with microneedling. It’s the perfect gift for any age! Purchase a package of 3 for $850 and receive a complimentary travel size Zo Hydrating Creme.

2. Botox and/or Dermal Fillers

If you’re over 35, wrinkles and fine lines are on your radar. And that’s okay! As we age, we should be aware of how skin changes. Wrinkles and fine lines don’t have to be the first thing people see however. Botox and dermal fillers are the top-selling treatments at the med spa and they make the perfect gift too! We have a limited-time offer this month, so don’t wait! Non-Aestique Elite Members can purchase Botox for only $14.50.

How to Get a Fresh, Youthful Face for the Holidays

Refreshing gifts: Microneedling, Botox and more!

The countdown is on for holiday parties, company parties and dinner parties. All the parties! The most important question, however, is how will you look your best? Lucky you, we have the answer! There is still time to get a fresh, youthful face with these favorite anti-aging treatments.

1. Dermal Fillers

These can be done over a lunch break, and you will see results immediately. Dermal fillers are the most popular anti-aging treatment at the med spa, and for good reason; the results are fabulous!

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Collagen

And Why You Need More As You Age

The layers of the skin at a young age are smooth and firm. As we age, however, these layers begin to change. Most significantly, we lose collagen, the main building block of the skin. So what does this mean for those of us above 30? We need to feed collagen to the body in several different ways! Here are four things you might not know about collagen…

Crystal Bliss Water Bottles

Delicious healthy beverage

Crystal Bliss Glass Water Bottles promote positivity and purification into your daily routine with the all-natural, energizing effects of raw crystals. A pure crystal stone is firmly fastened in each bottle, creating an elixir that supports revitalization, and clarification of the mind and body. We love the combination of these amazing water bottles with Pure Invention Water Infusion Drops! Pure Inventions offers a different variety of water infusion drops that are calorie, sugar, artificial sweeteners, caffeine and gluten free! It helps you hydrate and drink more water! These drops create a delicious healthy beverage while delivering powerful levels of antioxidants. Portable ego-friendly on-the-go packaging, and you can make up to 30 beverages! Purchase any water bottle in the month of September and receive a complimentary bottle of Pure Invention Water Infusion Drops!

Top 4 Treatments For Back-to-School

Soothe, cleanse and renew your skin

Back-to-school can be a stressful time of year, for any age. Soothe, cleanse and renew your skin with these popular back-to-school favorites.

1. Microneedling

Rejuvenation is the key word here. If you’re looking to boost collagen, improve scarring or fine lines, and restore vitality, microneedling is for you! It’s the perfect treatment to begin the school year because you’re starting with a clean slate and a fresh face.

2. Chemical Peels

Smooth operator; that’s the chemical peel! Resurface your skin by removing the top layers and you’ll reveal a younger, more brilliant face. Treat wrinkles, skin discoloration or acne scarring with this winning treatment.

6 Tips for Clear Summer Skin

Look Amazing with All-American Ttreatments

Some of us work hard to keep summer skin at the top of its game. During the summer months, you have to work a little harder. That’s why we’ve provided some easy tips to keep your skin healthy and clear!

1. Makeup After Perspiration

Ditch the makeup during a workout or exercise. Makeup clogs pores, especially when we perspire, so keep your face fresh and clean until after you’ve pumped iron!

2. Wash Your Face

So simple, right? Washing off your beauty products is so important for daily skin care, but it’s even more important during the summer. We use sunscreen more often and sweat more frequently, so washing your face is key to avoiding breakouts. ZO Skin Health makes a simple kit – GSR (Get Skin Ready) – that contains all of the essentials for this summer. A cleanser, a toner and an exfoliating scrub that makes it as easy as 1-2-3 to have clear skin!

Stimulate Collagen Growth

June is Acne Awareness Month

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the body and it’s what keeps your face looking vibrant and youthful. However, starting at the age of 20, dermatologists estimate that collagen production decreases by 1% each year. No need to panic because we’ve got you covered with the best ways to stimulate collagen growth on your face.

1. Hydrate

Drink a lot of water. Every day. Simple, but effective. Keep your body hydrated and your skin will, in turn, stay hydrated as well. This is important for collagen production because hydrated skin provides a proper base for improved collagen growth.

ZO Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30

Skin Cancer Awareness Month

It is only fitting that with May being Skin Cancer Awareness Month, the ZO product of the month is ZO Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30!! Sunscreen is a must if you’re heading outside! We have the best sunscreen to not only protect your skin from those bright rays but to perfect your skin too.

Just Say No To Stress!

This month try Himalayan Salt Stone Massages

This month, sit back and let us help you relax by trying one of the incredible Himalayan Salt Stone Massages. Nourish your body with 84 naturally occurring minerals and salts that counter the toxic frequencies our bodies deal with daily. Healing benefits of Himalayan Salt Stone Massage include very deep relaxation, reduced inflammation, improved sleep, improved nervous disorders and improved sense of well-being. We offer Restore, Deep Tissue and Enhancement Massages. Call to reserve your featured service and any of these massages today and receive 1500 Spa Bucks

See Which One is Right For You

In This Month: Improving cosmetic issues and skin rejuvenation

Chemical peels and microneedling have become popular options when it comes to repairing and improving minor cosmetic issues and rejuvenating the skin. However, they do differ in several ways, so we’ve included a quick comparison to help you determine which is the best treatment for you.

Top 3 Non-Invasive Treatments & Products For Valentine’s Day

In This Month: The Love of Botox

There is no better time to indulge in a little self-love than Valentine’s Day! Maybe it’s in anticipation of a special night with a special someone, or maybe it’s simply because you deserve it. Here are a few minimally invasive procedures that we love and we’re sure you will too.

Everything You Need to Know about Lip Fillers

In This Month: Amazing Anti-Aging Treatments

Lip fillers are one of the fastest growing trends in the med spa. So if you’re looking to adopt plump, pouty kissers, we’ve outlined everything you should know.

1. Reserve A Consultation

A consultation is a great way to see behind the scenes…